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Product Liability Defense

W&M has particularly strong experience in pharmaceutical and medical device matters, industrial claims, and consumer products, as well as cases involving allegations of fraud and misrepresentation. W&M partners with clients to deliver effective results that enable clients to meet their business goals.


W&M works with clients to obtain optimal results in an efficient and cost-effective manner. W&M takes cases to trial that need to be challenged through the court process, and settles those claims that are supported by the law and the evidence. W&M understands the business realities that clients face, and has created innovative procedures to resolve matters at the earliest advantageous phase.


W&M also helps clients minimize and avoid liability by advising clients on preventive measures that can reduce the risk of liability without interfering with strategic business objectives. These include efforts to provide counsel concerning regulatory compliance issues.

W&M has had experience in:


•  Product Liability and Defective Product Defense

•  Design Defects

•  Unsafe and Dangerous Goods

•  Construction/Heavy Equipment Defense

•  Restaurant Defense

•  Manufacturing Defects

•  Failure to warn

If you need a products liability attorney in Orange County, the Inland Empire, or Los Angeles County, contact W&M.





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