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W&M’s litigation skills are at the core of its strength, as both Jeff Walker and Doug Mann have extensive trial experience.  Litigation can be costly, emotional and stressful, and W&M appreciates the trust placed in it as the attorney.  W&M is efficient, organized, prepared and protects the partnership between client and counsel.


W&M evaluates all risks and benefits involved in each dispute, constantly communicates our evaluations to Clients, and ensures that the Client is making an informed, reasonable decision based on an honest legal assessment.


W&M also takes Client communication seriously.  W&M not only promptly advises Clients of significant developments, but W&M provides monthly written reporting.  Telephone calls and e-mail correspondence returned promptly, and there is always an attorney available to address the concerns of a Client.


W&M is experienced in many types of litigation are matters including business litigation, intellectual properties, employment, real estate, professional liability defense, products liability, and catastrophic injury litigation.

If you need a litigation attorney in Orange County, the Inland Empire, or Los Angeles County, contact W&M.





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