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Healthcare/Medical Defense

W&M defends doctors, hospitals, long-term care facilities and other health care providers. W&M is able to dissect complex medical issues and explain these concepts to judges and jurors. W&M is built on experience, training, and depth of knowledge on the medicine, in addition to trial experience and an excellent reputation in the medical malpractice defense community.


As a sample, W&M has been involved with defending medical claims in the fields of:

•   Allergy

•   Audiology

•   Anesthesia

•   Cardiology

•   Chiropractic

•   Ear, Nose & Throat

•   Emergency Medicine

•   Family Practice

•   General Practice

•   Gynecology and Obstetrics

•   Gastroenterology

•   Geriatrics

•   Hematology

•   Industrial Medicine

•   Internal Medicine

•   Laboratory

•   Neurology

•   Neurosurgery

•   Oncology

•   Optometry

•   Orthopedics

•   Ophthalmology

•   Physical Therapy

•   Podiatry

•   Psychiatry

•   Pediatrics

•   Pulmonology

•   Radiology

•   Surgery

•   Urology

W&M also has active experience in defending medical groups, healthcare facilities and hospitals.


W&M's defense of physicians and health care providers extends to ambulatory surgery centers, dialysis centers, imaging centers, cancer treatment facilities, dentists, plastic surgeons, emergency physicians and ERs, and bariatric surgeons.


If you need a medical malpractice defense Attorney in Orange County, the Inland Empire, or Los Angeles County, contact W&M.





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