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Elder Abuse Defense

Elder abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, social status or ethnic background. It also typically occurs at the hands of the people most trusted, such as by spouses, children, grandchildren, caregivers or financial advisors.


California sets forth several types of elder abuse:


       •   Physical Abuse

       •   Neglect

       •   Financial Abuse

       •   Abandonment

       •   Isolation

       •   Abduction

Nearly any behavior leading to harm, pain or suffering may qualify as elder abuse.


By the same token, the nursing home industry is under attack in California, and W&M has years of experience representing clients in the long-term care industry. We understand that long term care health facilities face unique challenges and the risks associated with owning and operating nursing homes.


If you need an elder abuse litigation attorney in Orange County, the Inland Empire,Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside or Los Angeles County, whether on behalf of a facility or resident, contact W&M.





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