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Real Estate/Bankruptcy/Business

W&M's real estate service is predominantly tied to real property itself, whether negotiating boundary line or lot line agreements, assisting in litigated matters over repaired or improved real property, or obtaining injunctive or declaratory relief.


W&M handles real estate transactions involving real estate leasing, development, construction, and land use.


W&M's real estate focus is on litigation of real property claims, whether over trespass, land encroachment, or debates over lot line adjustments.  W&M represents sellers, buyers,  brokers, escrow agents, and home inspectors.

•   Failures to Disclose Conditions

•   Breach of Agreement

•   Real Estate and Broker Liability Defense

•   Home Inspector Liability Defense

•   Escrow Company Liability Defense

•   Title Insurance Claims

•   Construction Defects

•   Contractor Liability

•   Liability Insurance Claims

•   Quiet Title Actions

•   Easements

•   Bodily Injury/Wrongful Death Due to Dangerous Conditions

•   Escrow Company Liability Defense

•   Neighbor Disputes

•   Public and Private Nuisance Claims

•   Landlord/Tenant Disputes

•   Unlawful Detainer Actions

•   Lease Agreements

•   Breach of Warranty of Habitability

W&M can also aggressively represent you in matters involving:

Real Estate


W&M handles all aspects of business disputes and allegations, ranging from debt collection defense to contractual breach to claims for negligence, breach of duty, misrepresentation and fraud.


W&M is involved with virtually every aspect of a Client's business operations, whether in matters over litigation, intellectual property, real estate, employment, insurance or claims. W&M provides a balanced approach to meet our Client's needs so that they can focus on their goals as an organization.


Contracts can be written, oral, or implied, and prosecuting or defending a case for breach of oral and implied contracts usually boils down to one person's word against another. The task of  determining the existence of a contract involves identifying its terms, analyzing the material facts and documents, and evaluating the conduct of the parties.

No matter what your line of business, form of organization, size or location, W&M will assist and advocate for you. W&M has experience in:

•   Drafting and Negotiating Business Agreements

•   Buy-Sell Agreements

•   Employment and Consulting Agreements

•   Confidentiality Agreements

•   Labor Law Compliance

•   Purchase and Sale of Businesses

•   Technology Licensing/R&D

•   Day-to-Day Operations

•   Debt Collections

•   Contracts

•   Risk Management


The bankruptcy practice at Walker & Mann includes all areas of transactions and litigation in proceedings in the United States Bankruptcy Court.  This includes the representation of both debtors and creditors in individual and business bankruptcy cases.  Walker & Mann prepares, files, and represents debtors in Chapter 7 (Fresh Start) and Chapter 13 (Reorganization) proceedings.  Likewise, the firm works on behalf of creditors to enforce their rights in bankruptcy matters such as moving for relief from the automatic stay.  Walker & Mann also handles litigated cases in the Bankruptcy Court, including adversary actions challenging dischargeability and discharge.


The attorneys at Walker & Mann have a unique perspective on how to best deal with serious debt and financial issues.

As we handle both litigation and bankruptcy cases at Walker & Mann, we can advise our clients whether matters are most appropriately handled inside or outside of bankruptcy.


You can rest assured that Walker & Mann will handle your individual needs with the utmost sensitivity and consideration.

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