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Administrative Hearings

W&M defends doctors, hospitals, long-term care facilities and other health care providers. W&M is able to dissect complex medical issues and explain these concepts to judges. W&M is built on experience, training, and depth of knowledge on the medicine, in addition to trial experience and an excellent reputation in the medical malpractice defense community.


As a sample, W&M has been involved with defending medical claims in the fields of:

•  Advice and handling of accreditation surveys

•  JCAHO and DHS Matters

•  Bioethics, medical records and confidentiality

•  Patient transfer violations

•  Patient consent

•  Fraud and abuse


•  Electronic medical records

•  STARK and anti-kickback claims

•  Criminal and civil investigations

•  Medical Board Defense and Hearing Representation

If you need an administrative and regulatory attorney in Orange County, the Inland Empire,

Rancho Cucamonga,Riverside or Los Angeles County, contact W&M.





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